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Did the clerks receive the Emergency Application and Petitions?

ROBERTA HILL <> 11/10/2022 8:21 PM

Did the clerks receive the Emergency Application and Petitions?

PDF File of email
Read receipt from Attorney Lin Wood
Read Receipt from Ashley Saunders, Public Information Office
Read Receipt from Kara Tershel, Public Information Office

To <> • <> • <> • <> • <>   Copy

Lin Wood <> • Lin Wood <> • <> • PatrickReporter <> • <> • <> • <>  

  Public Information Officer of U.S. Supreme Court,

My son is Brian David Hill. He doesn't want anything to covered up (in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2071) in the Supreme Court this time as it was last year so this kind email is being sent to the U.S. Supreme Court. My son and I want to ensure things are being done correctly. Brian has made two phone calls to the Clerk's Office of the U.S. Supreme Court, leaving two voicemails about the importance of two filings with one filing being an emergency application to John Roberts over an issue which cannot be ignored due to the conflict of interest issues, along with a letter directed to the Clerk. My son has not heard from the Clerks, they will not return his calls, and this is concerning as he is a litigant, and validly and legally a litigant before your Court. That is why he leaves these voicemails, as evidence if he is continually ignored, he will file more complaints.

Brian has filed with your office an emergency application directly to Chief Justice John Roberts for the reasons and appendix in support of the application. Brian mailed a letter to the Clerk, and the Petition. The application is important since John Roberts has been accused of child rape and murder blackmail, and this blackmail scheme allegation requires that the application be reviewed and he must recuse himself due to the severity of the allegations. Child rape and murder as alleged by Attorney Lin Wood as documented in the lower courts in my son's case.

Attorney Lin Wood is also being sent a copy of this email, by CC as he was the one who brought forth the allegations against Justice John Roberts on Twitter last year.

The UPS reported that it was delivered on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Brian called your office two times, left two voicemails and nobody has even attempted to call him back.

Please acknowledge receipt of pleadings as soon as you can on the next business day. Please let me know what is going on or at least call my son to confirm everything, and please read my son's letter to the Clerk in the mailing box package.

The case is Brian David Hill v. United States of America. Emergency Application and petition was mailed on November 7, 2022 by UPS shipping service. The proof of delivery is attached to this email as 'Tracking UPS - United States-11-8-2022.pdf'. This proves that it was received. Hopefully the Clerk will read the letter first, get the Emergency Application to Chief Justice John Roberts as Brian Hill's proof of service for three different pleadings is in the received package, along with the certificates of compliance.

What was in the box mailed to the U.S. Supreme Court is in the article by Stanley Bolten publicly on the justice blog website: USWGO news reporter Brian D. Hill files petition with U.S. Supreme Court regarding BLACKMAIL SCHEME alleged by Attorney L. Lin Wood and asks suspected blackmailed Chief Justice John Roberts to recuse himself – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

We have a photocopy and record of every little thing my son mailed to the U.S. Supreme Court. If anything is covered up on the public docket, we will know it. So my son is kindly asking for everything to be filed and filed in its entirety to prevent any suspected cover ups. My son cannot trust partial filings of the appendix, since his emergency motions were covered up last year and disappeared as if they didn't exist. My son does not want the same cover ups to happen again, this year.

This email is important as documentation. My son has records of the phone calls. He will not let anything be covered up this time as was covered up a year ago with his three petitions.
My son left multiple voicemails without a call back, without any explanation. So this email is warranted.

Hope you understand why this must be sent. No cover ups are warranted (18 U.S. Code § 2071).

Brian didn't know tomorrow was a federal holiday but hopefully Monday we will get a answer, or they will return my son's phone calls.

Roberta Hill

One response to “Did the clerks receive the Emergency Application and Petitions?”

  1. […] with the proof of delivery. Photographs were emailed of what was mailed and Brian’s family emailed the UPS tracking delivery confirmation proof document to the Public Information Officers of the U.S. Supreme Court. This is to ensure that nothing is […]


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